Beautiful Penthouses for sale in Singapore

Here is a list of some of the best penthouses for sale in Singapore – sorted by districts.   This list will be regularly updated, as new penthouses come into the market.

District 1


District 9






ST 19 June 2019.  “Singapore has 6 of 11 ‘super penthouses’ now on sale in the world”

SINGAPORE – Of the 11 super penthouses around the world now on the market, six are in Singapore, based on listings from 2016 to April 2019.  The biggest of these “super penthouses” in Singapore is in Wallich Residence, with a floor area of 21,108 sq ft and a building height of 950 ft. Spanning levels 62 to 64, the property has five bedrooms, a family room, a viewing deck, a private garden, a 12m pool, a cabana, a jacuzzi, an entertainment room and bar facilities.  The next largest in Singapore is in The Marq, which has a floor area of 17,642 sq ft, followed by Reflections At Keppel Bay, Hilltops, Boulevard Vue and Concourse Skyline ….   For the full article, pls visit

ST 9 July 2019.  “James Dyson buys Singapore’s biggest penthouse at Wallich Residence”

SINGAPORE – Billionaire inventor Sir James Dyson has quietly acquired the biggest, highest, and possibly the most expensive super penthouse on the Singapore market at the ultra-luxe Wallich Residence. The price tag is not revealed in documents obtained by The Straits Times, but industry sources valued the Wallich uber penthouse at more than $100 million. The 72-year-old tycoon’s purchase of Singapore’s most rarefied piece of non-landed real estate comes just six months after announcing that his technology company, known for its pricey vacuum cleaners, hair dryers and air purifiers, will be moving its headquarters from Britain to Singapore …..   For the full article, pls visit


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