ENBLOC Singapore – 78 Condos with en bloc potential, 80% vote, sales tender launched

(updated June 2021)

The following is the list of 78 condos in Singapore that launched their collective sale tenders in 2017-2020 (after successfully getting more than 80% en bloc vote from the subsidiary proprietor owners).    However, their tenders were not successful in that cycle, because most of them were derailed by the Singapore government’s sudden July 2018 cooling measures as well as the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic in 2020.  Nevertheless, these condos have demonstrated en bloc potential.

As compared with other “aspiring” condos that could – not – even get 80% vote or where no marketing agent was even willing to take up the job, these 78 condos in Singapore may thus have renewed en bloc potential in the next en bloc sales cycle.

For the 20-year price trends (2000-2020), click on each of the links below for the specific condo.

Sep 2020:  New Home Sales hit 11-month high

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The following commercial developments in Singapore officially launched their collective sale tenders in 2017-2019, but were not successful in getting buyers.   They may thus have renewed enbloc potential in the next en bloc sales cycle.


During the 2017-2019 cycle, the following popular developments in Singapore FAILED to get the minimum 80% vote in order to start the collective sale exercise, but will they be more successful during the next en bloc sales cycle ???



The record for the largest collective sale in Singapore history is still held by Farrer Court which was sold for $1.34 billion in 2007.   Farrer Court is now D’Leedon.   The following are the largest successful enbloc sales in Singapore during the 2017-2019 period, with Pacific Mansion leading the pack at $980m.   For aspiring mega-sites like Braddell View ($2.08b reserve price), Pine Grove ($1.86b) and Laguna Park ($1.48b), the jury is still out on whether developers will really bite during the next en bloc sales cycle.



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