My Perspective of the Post-Coronavirus World

In the 1930s, the world experienced the Great Depression, while 2008-2009 was the time of the Great Recession.   The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has been variously described as the “Great Disruption”, “Great Lockdown”and “Great Shutdown” to highlight its similarly huge impact on society.  Collectively, we are making history for our future generations.

What will the world become, once the pandemic passes?   The truth is: no one knows for sure.  But we can steer its course.

Amidst the pandemic, I am afraid to buy stocks (upcoming)


Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, a New Deal may be coming

This is the age of the Great Disruption, in the midst of which the IMF has already warned that the global economy may experience its worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s. As the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold, casualties in the business world are mounting but yet, some companies are thriving. Will these early winners be able to sustain their momentum, and how will those on the losing side recover once the viral outbreak subsides?   More importantly, what lies ahead for all companies?

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The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic will go down in history as the Great Disruption

Prominently located along the Marina Bay waterfront next to landmarks like Merlion and Esplanade on the edge of Singapore’s bustling financial district, the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort is an iconic building that used to attract hordes of tourists every day. When I recently visited during the Easter weekend however, the whole waterfront was eerily quiet. Instead of the lively musical fountain shows that lit up Marina Bay Sands every night to the delight of camera-toting tourists, the whole building façade is now lighted up with a — static — rallying call to Singapore citizens to work together to overcome the challenges arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. There I was, in the most picturesque part of Singapore, but virtually everything is shut down — and during a festive weekend too …..

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Starting life anew after the coronavirus pandemic: Let your (good) habits compound

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