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I started this personal blog during the circuit-breaker period of April-June 2020.   At that time, I was confined at home with no business to do ….   With time to kill, I wrote long articles (on coronavirus, not property !) on MEDIUM.COM, but once the circuit breaker was lifted, I thankfully have no time to do that anymore …..  Now, I just blog on – directly pertinent and hopefully revenue-generating? – property matters.


JUNE 2021:  The property market in Sentosa Cove is really heating up
I have been marketing the developer units at Marina Collection condo in Sentosa Cove for a few years now, and things used to be really slow.   But since July 2020 (after the circuit-breaker lockdown), the property market there has really come alive – not only at Marina Collection, but also at other condos there like Oceanfront.   The rental market in Sentosa Cove is even tighter – evidently, tenant demand currently exceeds the limited supply (which has not been growing since 2010).   Sentosa Cove is so beautiful and has such a unique ocean-front setting in the context of urban Singapore.  But yet, even after the recent run-up in prices, the condo units are still selling for below $2,000psf, similar in pricing to some new projects in OCR …..   If you are not familiar with Sentosa Cove, pls allow me to do a quick orientation.  Landed properties consist mainly of bungalows (with a sprinkling of terrace houses) located along Ocean Drive and a few man-made islets (Treasure Island, Pearl Island, Coral Island, Paradise Island and Sandy Island).  If you are more interested in condos, do join me to explore the beautiful developments there, like Marina Collection, Oceanfront, Residences at W and Cape Royale.  Walking along the secluded oceanfront promenade with the waves lapping against the shore – and away from the madding crowds that we are used to seeing on the mainland – makes me momentarily forget that I am still in good old, bustling Singapore ……   Click herehere, and here.


FEB 2021:    Why the Covid-19 pandemic and economic downturn are no match for Singapore homebuyers
In the course of my recent work when meeting with my clients, many have expressed great puzzlement at the lack of fire sales during the pandemic.  Instead, the property market has been remarkably resilient and increasingly buoyant, even to the extent of the government having to warn of yet another round of cooling measures.  What many people forget is that at least 10% to 20% of Singapore households are millionaire families in terms of net worth.  That is based on 2012-2014 data that I have – the actual percentage will be even higher now.   Click here, here, and here.   Meanwhile, I must ask this question of myself: Why am I not one of them?


NOV 2020:  TRILINQ – beautiful 4000sf penthouses with panoramic view at $1,000psf
On the upper level of this 36th-storey penthouse, I could sense that my clients are wowed by the unblocked views of the sea, the reservoir and the city.   In fact, standing up there with the wind blowing in our faces, we get the feeling that we are on top of the world ….. click here to read.


OCT 2020:  WALLICH RESIDENCE – at $3,000psf, I don’t think it is expensive
I told my client to meet at the ground floor lobby of Wallich Residence, and as expected, he couldn’t find it.   By design, it is nicely tucked away from the public areas of Guoco Tower, and I had to head out to Japan Rail Cafe to meet him there instead.  After 1.5 hours, my client was impressed …..  Click here to read.


SEP 2020:   MARINA ONE RESIDENCES – quite a bargain at $2,300psf
Recently, my client asked me about Marina One Residences versus Fourth Avenue Residences, both of which are selling for about the same $2300psf range.   I told him – of course, you should go for Marina One, lah ….. Click here to read.


JUNE 2020:   Amidst the pandemic, I am afraid to buy stocks(Click here to read on MEDIUM.COM)

MAY 2020:  Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, a New Deal may be coming
This is the age of the Great Disruption, in the midst of which the IMF has already warned that the global economy may experience its worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s. As the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold, casualties in the business world are mounting but yet, some companies are thriving. Will these early winners be able to sustain their momentum, and how will those on the losing side recover once the viral outbreak subsides?   More importantly, what lies ahead for all companies?  (click here to read on MEDIUM.COM)


APRIL 2020:  The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic will go down in history as the Great DisruptionProminently located along the Marina Bay waterfront next to landmarks like Merlion and Esplanade on the edge of Singapore’s bustling financial district, the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort is an iconic building that used to attract hordes of tourists every day. When I recently visited during the Easter weekend however, the whole waterfront was eerily quiet. Instead of the lively musical fountain shows that lit up Marina Bay Sands every night to the delight of camera-toting tourists, the whole building façade is now lighted up with a — static — rallying call to Singapore citizens to work together to overcome the challenges arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. There I was, in the most picturesque part of Singapore, but virtually everything is shut down — and during a festive weekend too …..  (click here to read on MEDIUM.COM)


MARCH 2020:  Starting life anew after the coronavirus pandemic: Let your (good) habits compound

When I was young, I wanted to become the Prime Minister of Singapore. As I grew up, I harboured (slightly) more realistic dreams, but being just dreams, they too did not pan out. Subsequently, I found myself being driven more by life events, and gradually slipped into a cruise mode of working hard under various bosses. You can say that since I didn’t really have a concrete plan for my own life, I was content to fall under somebody’s plan. Somebody who had a grand plan for his life — and who was working hard to make it materialize for himself.



I am Mike Tan, Senior Associate Director at OrangeTee & Tie. At WWW.PROPERTY2030.COM, I am working hard to evolve the website into a useful resource for both property buyers and sellers.  As at Q4 2020, it is already getting up to 1000 hits every day.   I hope that you will find it useful. Any feedback will be very welcome.

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