Orchard Road – why is this a prime locality?

A grand plan is currently in the works to shape the development of Singapore’s premier shopping belt over the next 15 to 20 years 17. A committee headed by three ministers has been formed to drive the rejuvenation of Orchard Road as a shopping and lifestyle destination for both tourists and Singaporeans alike. There is much at stake because the retail industry is an important part of the Republic’s economy, with 23,000 retail establishments chalking up operating receipts estimated at S$35 billion in 2016. If these initiatives bear fruit, the Orchard Road area and vicinity is expected to remain as a prime property district – counterbalancing the pull of the Greater Southern Waterfront.

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Currently, the following are some notable new launches:

1.   Haus on Handy
2.   8 St Thomas
3.   New Futura
4.   111 Emerald